The club nights are currently being played at the Polish Club on Kedleston Road. At this stage there are no plans to make this permanent.
Added 4 March 2020
There was no club event on 12th November as the club was closed. The Bridge Club will be holding a qualifying event for the County Pairs on 10th December.
Added 16 November 2019
Unfortunately insufficient players were available for tonight's club night so it was cancelled.
Added 29 October 2019
The AGM was held yesterday at the club and the existing Committee was re-elected
Added 26 June 2019
11 June results are available but unfortunately I cannot get the right file for the hands and the link goes to an invalid file. I will try to find out what went wrong.
Added 12 June 2019
The Club Pair Championship was played last Tuesday, held over from two weeks before, and was won by Harry and Paul Madden.
Added 18 April 2019
Just a reminder that there was not a club night on Tuesday 22 Jan as the club was closed. Some members played at Spondon.
Added 12 February 2019
Christmas Party was held today and the Blenkinsopp Trophy was won by Derek Gale
Added 18 December 2018
Results from the Club night of 30 October have now been put on the website. All DCBA Team of Eight matches next week are 'Away' as the club is closed for the week. This may have switched the venue from what was originally planned.
Added 31 October 2018
The Club Pairs Championship was won by Harry and Paul Madden
Added 8 October 2014
There is no club night on 12th August as the club is closed for refurbishment. The next club night is 26th August.
Added 30 July 2014
There is no club night on 22nd April as the club is closed with it being Easter week. The next club night is 6th May.
Added 15 April 2014
There were joint winners of the Individual Championship held on 25th March with Paul Gardner and Malcolm Young sharing the Trophy
Added 15 April 2014
With one match to go the 'A' Team have been promoted to League 1 in the Team of Eight DCBA competition
Added 22 February 2014
Brian Fitchett and Derek Gale won the rescheduled Club Pairs Championship on 5th November
Added 7 January 2014
The Individual Championship due to be held on 24th September was cancelled due to insufficient players. It has been rescheduled for 5th November.
A 3 table match was held instead and there was a slight mistake in the scoring on the night which has now been corrected. Malcolm Young and Clive Holland are now the winners.
Added 5 October 2013
Clive Holland won the Individual Championship last night making him the current holder of both trophies
Added 27 March 2013
There was no club night on 4th September as there were insufficient members for a game.
Added 19 September 2012
Brian Fitchett and Clive Holland won the Pairs Championship last night, pipping the Webmaster and his partner by 1 point
Added 19 September 2012
There was no club night on 7th August as the RR Club remained closed for refurbishment. Something ran late The next club night was 21st August.
Added 4 September 2012
There is no club night on 31st July as the RR Club is closed for refurbishment. A lick of paint and new carpets we are told. As we need to adjust the night to line up with the winter Team of Eight competition we are doing that a little earlier than planned so the next club night will be 7th August.
Added 19 July 2012
There is no club night on 5th June as the RR Club is closed but an extra night has been added on 12th June.
Added 31st May 2012
The individual winner for 2012 is Mary Martin.
Added 21st May 2012
The winner of the Jerry Blenkinsopp Trophy for the Christmas Party was Ron Gaffney.
Added 16th December 2011
The calendar for the 2012 season up to September has now been added.
Added 16th December 2011
Club Pairs Championship was won last night by Steve Cave and Derek Brooks for the third time in a row.
Added 2nd November 2011
Switch of Club Tuesdays - the start of the Winter Team of 8 is 28th September so the club nights are 30th August, 13th September and then only a one week gap to 20th September and then fortnightly after that. This has meant that the Club Pairs Championship has moved to 18th October. The Team of 8 matches can be seen in the calendar page.
Added 17th August 2011
Easter Closure - The Club is closed in Easter week so the next meeting of the club will be 10th May 2011.
Added 13th April 2011
Brian Fitchett does it again! The winner of the Individual Championship for 2010 has repeated his success in 2011.
Added 28th March 2011
The Jerry Blenkinsopp Trophy for the Christmas Party winner was Derek Gale.
Added 18th December 2010
The Pairs Championship has been won by Steve Cave and Derek Brooks with a very narrow margin of 1 point over Ron Sedgwick and Bill Hartington.
Added 24th September 2010
No event was possible on 7th September due to insufficient players. Remember that the next event is the Pairs Championship on 21st September
Added 8th September 2010
The calendar for 2011 has now been added.
Added 2nd September 2010
The results for 25th May have now been put on the website along with those of 8th June. The Tournament Director is still puzzling out the way the pair labels are shown in the results of the Team of Four match that was held on the 8th June.
Added 9th June 2010
Due to the Car Park being resurfaced we will not be able to hold our event on 20th July 2010 as the Rolls-Royce Club will be closed. We have decided therefore to bring the event one week forward to the 13th July 2010. The calendar has been adjusted.
Added 9th June 2010
The Club's AGM was held on Tuesday 11th May 2010 and the minutes of the meeting are now available in the documents area of the website. All existing officers were re-appointed. The table fees have been increased to ?2.50 to include the Pay-to-Play element.
Added 9th June 2010
Guest Membership fees are now due. This is announced at the AGM each year.
Added 9th June 2010
Brian Fitchett won the Club Individual Trophy at the event on 30th March 2010.
Added 9th June 2010